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Creator to Coach Academy is a 3 month 1:1 intimate experience designed to help you scale your coaching business to USD 20K+ per month using proven organic marketing strategies in 13 weeks or less. Get started with your personalized roadmap.

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  • You are not clear on your offer suite or, your ideal client avatar
  • You don’t have a consistent lead generation process for predictable income month after month
  • Growing your number of followers will solve all your problems
  • Having no content strategy to take a person from being a follower to a high paying client
  • Spending 3+ hours per day between Canva and posting online
  • It is to best not be create a 1:1 high ticket offer because you think it will be too hard to sell high ticket offers
  • People will not pay you a high ticket prices
  • You’re taking inspired action without a concrete roadmap
  • You’re converting less than 30% of your sales calls
  • You’re trying to replicate what the seemingly successful competitors in your industry are doing.
  • Getting disheartened and trying to come up with a new strategy or plan of action every week
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  • Crystal clarity about who your dream clients are and what transformation you want to help them achieve
  • Understanding the A-Z of Organic Marketing for consistent lead generation and attraction strategies to create record months
  • Building an Impactful Offer Suite that is a mix of your Signature Methods & your Secret Sauce making it an outright no-brainer for your prospects to enroll in.
  • Becoming an expert at finding your dream clients online
  • Learning my ultimate ‘clients-on-demand’ formula and bring predictability to your business
  • Falling in love with sales with my ‘Zero-Objection-Selling’ framework

Battle Plan

I sit you down to create a Battle Plan for achieving our laser focused goal deploying concrete actionable steps for your Coaching Business

Niche Clarity

Get the highest level of clarity on who you are serving, and how will you bring about the transformation inside your Micro Profitable Niche.

Signature Offer

Design, Package, and Price a Signature Method into an Irresistible Offer that fulfils your clients’ exact demands & is incredibly impractical to say no to.

Organic Marketing

Crack the code to Generate Premium Leads for your Offer Suite on Social Media so you never have to worry about inconsistent income months, ever again.

Content Strategy

Be seen as an expert with a personalized strategic content calendar and a unique story strategy for your brand that will bring in high-converting sales effortlessly.

Prospecting Strategy

Master the art of conversations and learn how to engage, qualify and propose your offer to your dream clients, ultimately inducting them into your ecosystem.

High Ticket Selling

Learn my ultimate “Fool-Proof Selling Strategy” that will bring in smooth + high-quality sales, without sounding pushy or salesy, whatsoever.

Daily CEO Workflow

Let go of any overwhelm and produce extraordinary results by following your personalised daily workflow with unmatched accountability.

High End Performance

See visible results under 7 days by experiencing the power of accountability with a KPI Tracker and managing your leads on a CRM.


3 Month Program

In order to dive deep into your business and help you achieve your financial goals.

1:1 Private Coaching

In order to have a strict accountable relationship with one another where I can hand-hold you through hitting your 6-Figure Income Goal.

1 Call per Week

To discuss the strategies in depth and implement them in your business immediately.

WhatsApp Support: 5 days a week directly with me

Back pocket access to your coach for Support and Strategy discussion whenever needed.

Lifetime access to your resources, program documents and call recordings

To go back to our strategies and learnings whenever you feel stuck or need inspiration in the future for turning a new move.

Accountability check-ins every week on your achievement of KPIs

– To keep you on track to hit your goals faster and more seamlessly.

– Includes additional need-based mock calls and feedback sessions.

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All Benefits of the Launch Package

All the features included.


– In order to create polished, strategic visuals that ensure your brand story is in line with your brand’s identity, cohesive across all channels.

– Helps you stand out of the competition.

– Makes you memorable and recognised as a premium brand in the marketplace.

– Gives a cohesive brand narrative.

Content Bonanza

– Ranging from content strategy, to ideation and ultimately creation, we take over your social media to transform the same to bits.

Social Media Management

– Virtual Assistance

– The complete posting and analytic management will be handled by our team.

– With our signature Prospecting Strategy of “Conversation to Conversion Framework”, we will make sure that there is a consistent flow of business via strategic engagement and conversations.

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All Benefits of the Launch Package

All the features included.

All Benefits of the Grow Package

All the features included.

Website Design

Our team uses moodboards, wireframes, proptypes to provide creative direction for writing custom code to build the website of your wildest dreams.

Website Development

We pride ourselves on developing aesthetically beautiful and instinctive custom websites that reflect your brand’s new identity designed to appeal to your audience on an emotional and logical level.

User Psychology

By weaving sales psychology,the art of storytelling, and keeping in consideration the user experience, we create innate magic in each page.

Strategic Copywriting

Our agenda is to create a holistic experience by mixing human psychology with copywriting so each word has its own meaning on the website driving the consumer closer to the next expected course of action.

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Mehar Labana, a Business Coach for Coaches, is dedicated to transforming online businesses using her tried-and-tested organic strategies. A certified lawyer and the first female entrepreneur in her lineage, Labana’s journey is one of resilience and exploration. After numerous professional pivots, she found her passion in coaching, now helping clients scale their businesses to $20,000+ per month within just 13 weeks, all without spending on ads or pricey software.

What sets Labana apart is her empathetic approach to coaching, prioritising client needs and her reputation as a service provider over monetary gain.

Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, the magic of organic growth, and the transformative impact of empathy in business.

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Do I get a lifetime access?

Yes, You will receive a lifetime access to your resources, program documents and call recordings to go back to our strategies and learnings whenever you feel stuck or, uninspired

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, feasible part payment plans are available for each package and can be extended as per the need of the client.

What if I am not a coach, yet? Should I join?

Yes, if you’re an OSP, aspiring coach or even a beginner, the coaching is designed to launch, grow and scale your coaching program. The program is as suitable as for a beginner as iyt is for a 6-figure coach.

How will this be different than what Mehar teaches in her free content?

You’re right… Mehar does believe in sharing a lot in her posts, videos, and podcasts. But those are only a tiny slice of the strategies she shares inside of The CCA Academy.

What is the investment?

Based on the package you choose during our 1 hour free discovery call, I will breakdown the investment for you which is way less than the industry standard pricing. That’s my promise.

Are the results guaranteed?

Given your dedication and Mehar’s faith in her program, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is last coaching program you will need.

Results don’t take time. They take courage and commitment.

We want you to become our next success story. This program will the last coaching program you’ll ever need. Book a Free Discovery Call to get started.

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