Hi, I am Mehar.
Business Coach for Coaches

Since childhood, I wasn’t a regular kid. I knew something inside me was always different. From a very young age, I was subjected to mental abuse which led me to ignore my emotions and suppress my feelings. I caused harm to myself almost every day despite wearing the mask of a bright and intelligent student until one day, I had to choose a career for myself. After multiple setbacks in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-doubts, impulsiveness, anger, and rage, I changed my career path from becoming a Doctor to a Fashion Designer to a Graphic Designer and ultimately a Content Creator which led me to become an extremely successful and popular Online Business Coach. I still ended up in anxiety because this wasn’t the college life that I had imagined.

I never took up a job. I was pulled into doing a business which I am very grateful for but, I was finally able to complete my degree in law.

Despite everything, I didn’t give up. I chased that little voice in my head that constantly told me to keep moving because I knew I wasn’t buried, I was planted.

Being the first female entrepreneur in my bloodline and having worked with 50+ clients around the globe (in over 20+ countries) has helped me to advance daily through my proven strategies of growing my Coaching Business using the power of Social Media. Starting from the very scratch and coming from a small town, this has been a great achievement for me. In some way, I have been able to prove myself to my friends, parents and the society that once severely looked down upon me.

I know how it feels to navigate with none or many goals in mind, to feel like you’re not good enough, or to feel that you don’t belong here. So, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs, and content creators like you to begin your journey of financial freedom and confidence, and to be able to create a business you wouldn’t stop celebrating.

A little more about my business:

  • I have grown 50+ Coaching Businesses from scratch.
  • 40% of which have crossed <$100K+ mark within the first year of their business.
  • Without paid ads or expensive software.
  • By deploying powerful organic strategies that worked without fail.
  • Focusing on a step-by-step guide to nailing down to the right and the most profitable niche.
  • Building a presence on social media with influential content.
  • Attracting and converting High-Ticket Clients with the utmost ease.

I don’t operate on the number or duration of sessions, when my client needs me, I stay up till 5 am until they’re ready to take on the world. I knew I wanted to be recognized for my work, I wanted to go beyond being called a “6-figure” coach as per industry standards. But, it didn’t matter anymore.

So, I changed three things inside me —

  • I don’t operate on money anymore.
  • I operate on “results” — for which money has become a by-product.
  • I only care about the results I have helped my client envision. No matter how crazy it may sound on the discovery call.

This is how my story can motivate you:

If my current reality makes anyone think that I have always had it figured out — this is living proof that it’s far from the truth.

  • Self-doubt
  • Broke beyond limits
  • Feeling unworthy or non-deserving
  • Self-sabotaging my potential
  • Longing for outside approval
  • Not having faith in my abilities
  • Feeling like a complete failure
  • Choosing not to stand up for myself

You name it, and I’ve felt that feeling!

“Do I have any regrets?” No. “Would I like to change anything from my past?” Absolutely Not!

What I learned from this journey is that — no matter, what life becomes, you’re never in the dark, you’ve never fallen in a pit, instead — you’ve been planted in a new ground that god has created for your fittest survival. God is kind, he gives you an opportunity to turn your life around, 180 degrees — every single day.

If I can pull myself from that dark space, every person in this world can too.

It’s not easy — it’s never going to be easy.

But, staying in the same place isn’t easy either. Choosing your hard is the real deal!

My ultimate message:

Do not give up on life just as yet. Quit comparing your growth to someone else’s. Have faith in your services and, give your timeline, it’s due-chance to make the miracles happen.

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