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Sunday, 30th June 10:00 AM IST

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Mehar Labana

Asia’s Leading Business Coach

Guided 170+ Business Owners to Success in the Last 5 Years

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Are you ready for the transformation?

  • You Unlock the Secret to Start and Scale Your Online Business
  • You Learn the 3 Core Pillars to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Business
  • You Learn the 5 Business Functions for Increased Revenue & Cashflow
  • Your Success is Guaranteed! More leads, more business, and more profit await if you follow the exact steps from our Live Masterclass.

Event Starts: Sunday, 30th June 10:00 AM IST

10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

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What will you learn in this 3 hours Live Masterclass?

  • How To Start and Scale an Online Business From the Ground Up.
  • Right Mindset to Hit Multi 6-Figure Revenue Every Month.
  • The 3 Core Pillars That Form The Foundation Of A Successful Brand.
  • 5 Core Business Functions Needed For The Growth And Scaling Of Any Business In This World.

What Will Change In Your Business?

  • Right Steps to Start and Scale an Online Business.
  • Right Strategies to Make Consistent Income.
  • Right Mindset to Hit Multi 6-Figure Revenue Every Month.

Who Will This Masterclass Help the Best?

  • Online Coaches and Consultants
  • Online Services Providers
  • Freelancers
  • Agency Owners
  • CEOs and Founders

Is your answer a ‘yes’ to any of the statements below?

  • You have been in the business for a while, but now you are looking for the roadmap to scale big
  • You’re an introvert looking to create a magnetic social media presence
  • You have a skill but don’t know how to build a business around it
  • You want to earn in multi-6-figures in revenue
  • You crave a memorable brand, not just a business
  • You’re a complete beginner with no prior business experience
  • You want to grow and earn as a coach or an online service provider
  • You have invested in 10 different courses but did not find the right solution to scale your business

If you said yes to any 2 of these points, then this Live Masterclass is for you. This isn’t just any Masterclass, it’s the most detailed and comprehensive one you’ll ever attend.

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Unlock the Ultimate Toolkit for Success

Bonus 01

1 Year Business Planning Template

Seamlessly map out your business journey over the next year, ensuring you hit your targets and milestones.

Bonus 02

Certification Of Completion

Showcase your dedication and commitment to your business with a prestigious completion certificate in Business Success.

Bonus 03

Nail Your Branding Masterclass

Gain mastery over branding and make your business shine with this in-depth masterclass and branding guide.

Bonus 04

SWOT Analysis to Stay Ahead

Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your industry to craft a winning strategy.

Bonus 05

Instagram Domination Checklist

Take control of your Instagram presence and dominate the platform with this expert checklist.

Bonus 06

50+ ChatGPT Prompts for Scaling

Generate engaging content and skyrocket your social media presence with these powerful prompts.

Bonus 07

Vision Goal Setting + Board

Turn your dreams into a reality by setting clear goals and visualizing your path to success.

Bonus 08

The Ultimate Planner for 2024

Organise your year with precision and make each day count with this comprehensive planner.

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Meet Your Coach

An ICF Practising Business Coach and A Lawyer


Years of Experience in Educating and Coaching


Business Owners Reached In The Last 5 Years


Social Media Following


Coaching Clients

Unable to decide?

Listen to Stories Of Success From Other People I Have Worked With

INR 8,16,000 in Just 2 Months

“I literally unlocked a new level in my business and have never looked back. I am still incorporating all the learnings even after months of our coaching and reaping the benefits. I not only 4X’d my ROI within three months, but it also helped me tremendously as a coach. I just calculated my revenue with my new offer and I still can’t believe it’s true; 8,16,000 INR 🤯 and we were just two months into our coaching! Mehar was there like a partner in everything, guiding me and helping me with the minutest of details. The dedication Mehar has for her clients is unmatched. This was by far one of the best investments I have made in my business and in myself. You always go above and beyond, you treated my business like yours and that for me is so precious. 💜”

Rupal Gogia

Business + Energetics Coach

7X Return On Investment in Just 30 Days

“Choosing Mehar as my business coach and investing in her program was the best decision I ever made. Her program transformed my business mindset and goals, taking them to a whole new level. In just 30 days, I achieved a 7X return on my initial investment. I even signed up 10 new clients and filled my own program to capacity. Mehar has a remarkable ability to simplify complex topics, making it much easier for me to reach my goals quickly. I can’t express how grateful I am for her guidance and the support she has offered every step of the way.”

Pratiksha Brahma

Business Coach

From Charging $100/Client to Making Over $100K+ in 11 Months

“Don’t know who needs to hear this. If you want to work with Mehar but can’t make a decision -let me help you. She is the BEST at what she is doing. After many online courses and YouTube videos, I finally found my person. I have been her client for about a month and you can see from my IG feed how brilliant she is! Mehar and I have had an amazing partnership, and I can’t wait to see where this is going. What else can we do in future? I’m so happy that I found her, and I’m so happy she selected my application. I’m just about to cry now because I don’t know what I would do without her. Several of my contacts are working with Mehar, and she has clients from all over the world. She deserves it. She deserves every single client.”

Aneri Desai Patel

Immigrant Career Coach

From INR 20K to Over INR 2,40,000+ Per Month in 90 Days

“I found Mehar in 2020 and looking at her bet on herself and following her dreams from such a young age made me believe that I can do it too. It took me 2 years to take the leap of faith and invest in her services, and I hope no one makes the same mistake I did. Mehar has been a huge part of my professional life, first as a creator, a coach and a friend. Her aura, her knowledge, and her dedication to helping you – give you the energy and direction to move ahead in your Entrepreneurial Journey. Mehar’s ability to put a Method to Madness paired up superbly with my Creativity. Mehar will work on your Business with you like a Business Partner. I not only learned about Selling on Instagram through her, but I also learned so much about how to be a better Coach. If you’re still thinking about investing in Mehar, let this be your sign!”

Vrinda Garg

Personal Branding Coach

From Being an SMM to a Multi-6-Figure Business Coach in 90 Days

“One of the best decisions I made with my business in 2022 was trusting in myself and hiring you as my coach to help me upskill. Not only did I make all the investment back in less than 60 days of working with you, but also gained immense confidence in myself, in my work and in this industry! You helped me streamline everything scattered in my business and gave me a direction to scale. I’m so glad you happened in my life and I would always refer you to anyone that is looking for the best coach! 😊”

Anagha Bhat

Business Coach

From $0 to Over $5,000 in 90 Days

“THE BEST I EVER HAD! She’s such an amazing person! She does things out of her way to help me, meet with me, and make me feel that someone listens to my ideas. She pays attention to me and takes things that I do, for her to apply in her own life and business. She makes me feel that I truly have something beautiful worth sharing with the world. By working with her, I literally made more than what I invested back✨ Honestly, the person that I am is all thanks to Mehar, because, at times when others doubt me, she’s been there to lift me up with kindness and patient 💖”

Andrea Esamor

Facebook Ads Coach

To Making Over Multi-6-Figures in 90 Days

“Mehar is a complete pleasure to work with. Love her enthusiasm and excitement when she’s working with the client. She offers great expertise in getting your business running from ground zero. She provides real life processes and tactics to use so you can get to your business goal. She stays up to date on the current market trends for your business and social presence. Mehar and her team bring great value in her coaching style and provide full support throughout the full process of launching your business and gaining clients. She teaches you amazing marketing strategies that get your results you can’t get anywhere else. She’s an amazing coach with an amazing personality! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach!”

Sindho Channa

Career Coach

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Mehar Labana

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